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The name says it all, permanent make-up is basically long term make-up. It is a revolutionary method, how to apply hypoallergic pigment under the skin with an ultra thin needle shaping the eyebrows, eyelids and lips.

The difference between permanent make-up and tattoo is that the pigment is applied to a different layer of the skin and the base of the pigment is organic. The device used is also different because it is a lot more sophisticated than a regular tattoo device.

From the start it was important to choose only the highest quality while working and that’s how I ended up at Nouveau Contour. The worlds premier manufacturer of devices and needles. Furthermore all Nouveau Contour products (device, needles, pigments) fit all global hygenic requirements.


If you’re fed up with the wasted time on drawing your brows every single day due to hair loss or over plucking then the solution is the micropigmentation of your eyebrows. It is a common problem nowdays that women have a low self esteem and can’t live a complete life and skip activities that involve water for example to make sure that no one can see them without their drawn eyebrows. With permanent make-up this problem will disappear completely.


The micropigmentation of eyes is the easiest way to express the beauty of the eyes regardless of the fact that it is a simple eyelash enhancement, a thin contour on the upper and lower eyelids or a thick shading, the number of shapes and applied colors (even multiple colors in the mean time) is endless. The results are mesmerizing eyes, that is a lot cleaner and detailed than a regular pencil or pen with the greatest advantage that it doesn’t smudge.


With age the skin might fade, although this is a natural process. With the micorpigmentation of lips we can make them look vivid and expressive again. We can even make corrections on the shape if there are any assimetrical points thereby in the end the lips will be perfect.



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