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With age the skin might fade, although this is a natural process.

With the micorpigmentation of lips we can make them look vivid and expressive again.

We can even make corrections on the shape if there are any assimetrical points thereby in the end the lips will be perfect.

The micropigmentation of lips is combined from three components and happens with two appointments. The price you pay is the total and compiles all three parts.​


Please bring your lipstick that you use the most to help the common work when we choose the desired color. We will discuss the shape togather with the possible changes. I will sketch up a sample on the skin with a pen and will only start the treatment when the client is a 100% satisfied with drawn sample.


The lips are a sensitive area so the treatment starts with the application of an aenesthetic gel. Of course it is possible to stop multiple times if the client wishes to. It is important that it might vary by every person but in general the color that we choose during the consultation will be darker around 40% after the treatment than the actual color. It will fade after 2-3 days and reach the final color on the third week.


It is a second appointment minimum 4 and maximum 12 weeks after the first appointment. The reason of this appointment is to refresh the treated area and make it more vivid. It is important to know that during the healing process the tissue might loose some pigment. This is totally normal however by replacing the lost pigment we will achieve the perfect results. The touch up is not a requirement yet higly recommended.



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