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If you’re fed up with the wasted time on drawing your brows every single day due to hair loss or over plucking then the solution is the micropigmentation of your eyebrows.

It is a common problem nowdays that women have a low self esteem and can’t live a complete life and skip activities that involve water for example to make sure that no one can see them without their drawn eyebrows.

With permanent make-up this problem will disappear completely.

The micropigmentation of eyebrows is combined from three components and happens with two appointments. The price is all inclusive.​


First we discuss the details, the likes, the dislikes, the corrections and finally the looks the client would like to achieve. Then I’ll give her my professional advise based on the shape of the face. I will recommend the the right design and color for the eyebrows. With a pencil we’ll sketch a sample on the skin. If needed than we’ll correct the sample till the client approves.

It is important to know that your natural eyebrows will not be harmed or removedeat any time pre/under/post treatment. This treatment will only enhance your existing eyebrows.


It starts with the application of an aenesthetic gel to maximize the comfort. After this I shall start to apply the pigment in the skin. Needless to say that we can take short breaks if the client desires, we’re working together and pay attention to each other. It is important to mention that this can vary, yet the pigment color that we chose under the consultation will be around 30% darker immediately after the treatment and shall start fading after 2-3 days back to the actual color. The final color will be achieved on the 3rd week.


It is a second appointment minimum 4 and maximum 12 weeks after the first appointment. The reason of this appointment is to refresh the treated area and make it more vivid. It is important because the skin might drop out a small amount of pigment, this is totally normal while the skin is healing and we would like to achieve perfect results. The touch up is not a requirement yet highly recommended.



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